On the long list of exciting new features in Visual Studio Team System is our very rich reporting system.

We are building a single data warehouse with SQL Server that is hosted on the Team Foundation Server.  All the tools are aware of this warehouse and can submit results to it.  We are gathering data from

  • the source code control system
  • the work item tracking system
  • the build engine
  • the test suite manager
  • the code coverage tool
  • the performance monitoring tools

We will expose this interface and schema so third parties can splice their own tools' data into the same warehouse.

Then, we use SQL Reporting Services to assemble reports.  Since we have so much data about the project, the range of reports you can build is pretty rich.  Here's some sample reports we can generate with the alpha code:

  • bug find and fix rates
  • test pass/fail reports
  • code churn
  • code coverage
  • requirements and scenario stability - how much have requirements changed per time period
  • schedule progress - tasks completed and outstanding, mapping plan vs actual

Most of the above can be re-organized by build, by project team, by date as needed.  As we roll out to our own internal dogfooding (using the pre-alpha VSTS on our own team), I expect we'll create a bunch of new reports.  My test manager is salivating at the opportunity to slice and dice this data a dozen new ways.

Since all the projects on one Team Foundation Server feed into the same data warehouse, we can also devise cross-project reports to compare trend lines among projects.  This work is still in development and we haven't come up with good demos of this feature yet.

All of these reports can be surfaced on the SharePoint project site that we create for you, so you can publish your reports broadly to the team and to the stake holders.

We're still crafting the final set of reports that will be in the box.  People are coming to us with great new ideas every day.  What reports would you like to see?