We were at the SEI's SEPG conference 10 days ago and announced the second of our MSF offerings: MSF for CMMI Process Improvement. 

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a method of measuring the maturity of a software development organization.   It's a pretty detailed model that talks about all the aspects of software development from requirements management through technical solution to validation.  CMMI establishes five levels of maturity from Level 1, Initial, through Level 5, Optimizing. 

MSF for CMMI Process Improvement will provide process guidance, work item schema, default reports, document templates and project roadmaps to allow an individual project team to operate at CMMI Level 3.  We are working with the SEI to ensure that we meet this level.

Like MSF for Agile Software Development, this will ship with Visual Studio Team System.  Our intent is to show how you can use the VSTS tool set in very different ways depending on the needs of your organization and project.  Our design goal is to make the Agile and CMMI processes points on a spectrum.  Other partners and customers will fill in the spectrum with additional process templates that model the process their application development team uses.

We'll post early review copies of the "MSF for CMMI Process Improvement" guidance materials on our MSF Workshop later this year.