Yesterday the EEC hosted a tour for some high level folks from the DoD. The tour was primarily handled by our ever capable Jeremy with Bryce and I hanging out to offer assistance. Early in the tour it became clear that our guests were after some specific information on how we built and run the EEC. I broke away and asked Megan to do some quick rescheduling of our conference rooms then rejoined the tour. After we showed our guests the EEC lab, we went into the conference room and began the discussion on how the EEC does what it does. The discussion was lively and our DoD guests left smiling.
Fairly simple right? Well, yes...this is the sort of encounter that has become routine for us. When I look beyond the surface though, it strikes me as a good example of how teamwork plays a crucial role in the EEC.
When I asked Megan to handle the conference room change, I knew that it was handled. If there was a problem, she would find me, otherwise I could be confident that when we finished the normal part of the tour, the conference room would be ready for us. When we sat down in the conference room, Bryce, Jeremy and I each played to each other's strengths and provided our guests with the information they needed. Bryce was able to paint the big pictures, Jeremy the process details, and I even chimed in a time or two with a technical detail. The short visit would probably have been a success without everyone filling their role, but together we were greater than the sum of our individual contributions.
This may seem trivial, but it's the small examples of teamwork like this one that make me glad I'm on this team. We are not a collection of individuals working towards similar goals, we are a team working towards a common goal. Make that happen in the team that you work with and you'll get more enjoyment out of work.