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Several of the older posts come from when I was writing on testing, SOA, and Testing in Production (TiP). I am currently writing on Data Driven Quality (DDQ).

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  • Blog Post: The future of quality is easy with EaaSy and MVQ

    Introduction to EaaS y and MVQ Last fall (2013), I published two papers internally to Microsoft. I wrote them to challenge the status quo and paint a vision of where I felt the future of software testing was headed. The papers have resonated across Microsoft and some elements have leaked out to the...

    For some time now I’ve been promising to lay out all my thinking on Testing in Production (TiP). I first introduced the topic in a blog post in June 2009 titled “ Ship your service into production and then start testing! ” Over the summer I had some family commitments, late summer I finished up my internal...
  • Blog Post: HWTSaM vPodcast – Chapter 3 Engineering Life Cycles

    All three authors of " How We Test Software at Microsoft ", Bj Rollison , Alan Page , and Ken Johnston actually made it for this recording.  Warning, I had a bit too much fun with my green screen.  The discussion covers how different teams within Microsoft use Agile, Waterfall, Spiral...
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