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Several of the older posts come from when I was writing on testing, SOA, and Testing in Production (TiP). I am currently writing on Data Driven Quality (DDQ).

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  • Blog Post: Bing Outage exposes Testing in Production (TiP) Hazards

    I have been a big proponent of shipping services into production more frequently and conducting more testing on the code once it is in production. Those of us that support this methodology tend to call it TiP (Testing in Production). Find links to previous blog posts on this subject below. After...
  • Blog Post: The Demise of the Test Lab – An Ode to when Testers worked in test labs

    Since I have been in software it has been readily accepted that in order to test software one needs hardware. At most software companies this means that there is a test lab filled with computers and devices to assist in the testing. My experience has shown that with each major paradigm shift in software...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Cargo Container Data Center comes Online

    Recently I ran into a friend who was reading chapter 14 of How We Test Software at Microsoft . He commented on the picture in the book of the Rackable Ice Cube container full of servers. This was pretty cool to think about purchasing servers pre-racked in a cargo container. We joked that for our next...
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