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  • Blog Post: Telemetry Myopia: The Toyota “Fail Safe” system Debacle and Google cavalier attitude toward Privacy

    For the past few weeks members of my team and I have been meeting with key individuals in Bing, Microsoft Online services, and Windows. In those meetings we have focused on rich telemetry. W e’ve talked about technologies to collect data, privacy concerns and how to architect to support user privacy...
  • Blog Post: Confidence is High and Feeling Feisty

    This is a bit of personal musing. Feel free to skip. Originally I was going to tweet this but then I started coming up with quite a few tweets and decided a short blog would be better. There is such a thing among testers on twitter as tweeting your own horn a bit too much. I have a test talk to...
  • Blog Post: Bing Outage exposes Testing in Production (TiP) Hazards

    I have been a big proponent of shipping services into production more frequently and conducting more testing on the code once it is in production. Those of us that support this methodology tend to call it TiP (Testing in Production). Find links to previous blog posts on this subject below. After...
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