I’ve been with Microsoft for almost six months now as the Academic Developer Evangelist for Northern California. In that time, I’ve ran some pretty big events, helped some other teams out with whatever they need, traveled all around the United States, and learned a lot about Microsoft and my region.

So what do I do as an Academic Developer Evangelist? My primary function is to get students excited about technology. I do this in a few ways. For example, I’ve run Xbox gaming parties, worked with student groups to improve membership, and given presentations to crowds of students. My biggest event so far would have to have been the Innovation Day event at San Francisco City College, in which I gave a talk on trends in technology to around 800 students. Not all of the events I’ve taken part of have been that size, though. My smallest would probably be a one hour presentation I gave to a single student and two instructors.

Outside of work, I spend my time playing Xbox with my kids, experimenting with digital photography, participating in the RPGA with the new 4th edition rules, and programming games with XNA and for the web with Silverlight. Expect to hear more about those topics. Especially photography. That one has been a pretty big time sink lately.

Welcome to my blog, thanks for coming out.