CNN has posted a PhotoSynth of the moment that President Obama was sworn in. With the millions of people who were at the inauguration, they set up a crowd sourced capture, and included their own professional shots. The basic idea was that they would get anyone in the crowd with a camera, even a cell phone camera, to take a picture at the same time. The moment President Obama placed his hand on the bible to be sworn in. With the problems they were expecting on the cell towers anyway, my guess is that photos will continue to roll in for the next couple of days, and be added into the Synth.

This has the potential to be the most captured moment in history so far. You can check it out at


If you are interested in building your own PhotoSynths, they’ve got a great guide up on the PhotoSynth site at I’ve made a couple of PhotoSynths of art that I’ve seen at different schools I visit. You can check out what I’ve done at my profile at