Windows 7 Professional RTM – Free for students through MSDNAA

Windows 7 Professional RTM – Free for students through MSDNAA

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Starting today, students and faculty with access to the MSDN Academic Alliance will see a few new products available through their system. The most notable of these products in Windows 7 Professional edition, over two months before it’s available to the general public. I’ve been running Windows 7 since it was first made available in the public beta, and have been very impressed by it’s overall quality, including it’s speed and stability. I currently have four machines running Windows 7, my two work laptops, which are running the RTM Enterprise edition, and two netbooks, running the Release Candidate. I plan to pick up a copy of the RTM for my netbooks when general availability drops on October 22nd, but even the Release candidate is better than any Operating System I’ve run before (and yes, I have run multiple non-Windows OSes).

Also up on the MSDN AA page is Expression Studio 3. This includes Blend, Design, Web, and Encoder, all of which contain huge improvements from the previous versions. It’s hard to believe that the entire product sweet has been around for less than two years, seeing the quality of the releases. Some things to take a look at inside of Expression Studio 3 are behaviors in Blend (building games in Silverlight just became a lot easier), and the screen recording tool in Encoder. Encoder also supports AVCHD natively now, though you have to have a licensed version to do so. There’s also a preset in there for encoding for the Zune HD, which I have been waiting for patiently since I first heard about it.

If you don’t have access to MSDN AA, and you are a student or faculty member in a department that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, or Design, let me know. I should be able to hook you up with the people to make it happen. And if you have MSDN AA, but you don’t see Windows 7 or Expression Studio 3, check with your administrator, or drop me a comment,and we’ll get that fixed, too. Just imagine rolling up to a buddies house and showing him the Silverlight game you built on your Windows 7 laptop. You know you want this. Go make it happen.

  • Hey Kenny, I've been checking MSDN AA for both pieces of software but neither are available. The storefront URL is:

    I have access to Experession Studio 2 & Win 7 Beta & RC but not RTM.

  • Hello,

    7 Beta & RC too, but I have not RTM.

    Is it available in France too ?

  • yeah me too

    only RC and not beta or RTM

    and our doesnt have all the programs that the 2 person who comment before me why is that?

  • I just checked, and availability is global, so you should have access to the Windows 7 RTM. The most likely reason you aren't seeing it would be that your administrator hasn't enabled the download yet. Check the support page from the sites you've linked to, and you should see who the administrator is. Check with them, and let them know that there are a few new products available, and have them check the box that lets you download them. The same goes for the other pieces of software on the site. There's actually an enable all button that they can check, then they don't have to monitor the new releases, they'll just be available as they come across.

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