October, 2010

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    PDC Live Event at Microsoft Silicon Valley



    Unless you’ve already got your tickets for PDC this Thursday, it’s not very likely that you are going to be able to attend PDC in person this year. You could take advantage of the streaming video over at the Official Site, or come join us at the Silicon Valley Campus on October 28th for a live stream from PDC, a live keynote by Corporate VP of Strategic and Emerging Business Development, Dan’l Lewin (who is an awesome speaker, BTW), and two additional live sessions. The two live sessions here on campus will be on OData and Windows Phone 7. Attendees will also receive limited edition T-shirts, and have a chance to win an Xbox with Kinect, a Windows Phone 7, and more. You can’t do that at home.

    Registration is available online.

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    Silicon Valley Code Camp XNA Session


    I am giving a session on XNA for the Windows Phone 7 today at 9:15 AM. For the presentation, I will be walking through the development of a game I am calling Triangle Shooter, because you are a triangle that shoots. I’ve posted the graphics I created to SkyDrive, and after the presentation, I will be posting a series where I walk through the source code and explain how I built the game.


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