Microsoft Developer Day at GDC

Microsoft Developer Day at GDC

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GDCMicrosoftDayOn Tuesday, March 6th from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Microsoft will be holding a session at the Game Developers Conference to introduce developers to the future of games and entertainment. They'll be doing deep dives on Xbox LIVE and Windows 8, where you can learn about how you can take advantage of Microsoft's vision for connected entertainment.

The primary audience for this Developer Day is professional developers who build games and entertainment applications for Xbox 360 and Kinect, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and the web. Developers will learn about the new Windows 8 Metro style application platform and new Xbox LIVE services that deliver breakthrough entertainment experiences across all of Microsoft's entertainment platforms.

Sessions include:

  • Entertainment Reimagined
  • Developing a Great Metro Style Game for Windows 8
  • The Making of Metro Style Marble Maze
  • Async Gaming
  • Xbox LIVE on Windows 8 Deep Dive
  • Xbox LIVE Services – Entertainment Powered by the Cloud
  • Game Data Anywhere Using Xbox LIVE Cloud Storage
  • Asynchronous Gaming with Xbox LIVE Services
  • Connecting Xbox LIVE Web Games with Xbox LIVE Services

This represents a huge opportunity for game and entertainment application developers to take advantage of the connections being built between the Xbox 360, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and the web. You can get more information about the Microsoft Developer Day by going to the GDC Tutorials page.

  • Why is the above invite still having an iPad style image to mention it as a tablet. When windows has its tablet specifications, why cant it post something like it.

    I expect antleast MS appreciate its own things, before others appreciate it.

    - Raj

  • Could this be the start of cross platform gaming between all MS devices?

  • so this means we can expect from casual to hardcore games in WinRT? I want to be able to fully use my GPU, yeah games on tablets/phones are important but also real nice games like Halo, Gear of War, the old Shadowrun, Lost Planet Colonies, which were cross platform.

    and since WinRT is the future hopefully just like any version of windows, if you arent able to play a game because it was "heavy" for your computer and people had to upgrade your pc or find another game, I hope this is the same case with WinRT, I dont want it to be just for boring casual games that will run on all devices

  • i do not think so , course as of to day you have to have multiple os to developerment on these devices , unles microsoft swicth to one unifyed developerment platform and microsoft will never open up for c++ developerment on xbox 360 to the public , so only c++ on the tablet and xna managed code on xbox 360 and windows phone , but these tools for phone and xbox does not run on windows 8 only on windows 7 and tablet developerment in on windows 8

    so you need 2 versions of visual studio and 2 version of os

    wicth lead to this 15.000 dollars just to get started with new computers and licens to the software

    and 99 dollars for apphub and 49 dollars for windows 8 store if you whant to sell your app or game

    and that will kill all the small developers and hoppyist app and game makers

    That is why that i hope microsoft has done the right thing this time

    one platform ethere managed code or c++ developerment

    and you know take a look of this sony has microsoft by the balls

    allready one unityfyed platform based on c# managed code

    look simlar to xna

    for the vita,tablets,phone and later this year playstation 3


    all with no restrictions you can even create code in c++ native

    allso the sony devices is powred by nvidia hardware physics

    and this is really last chance for microsoft this year there platform has to come together or sony will highjack all the developers

    only windows 7 is need and free tools from sony

    and sony even claim that you can build on all android devices

    not specfit to sony a lone and that is a killer

    i have work with the kit for some time now and it is a killer compared to xna on xbox 360 and phone where we are only allow to spin one core

    but on sony you can spinn all the cores you need for your game

    complate open tools and hardware

    so i get microsoft need to step up  here

    and figur what the company whants to bet on

    and make it easy as possible to develop meen more app in faster time

    no app in the platform no one will buy the product even if it has the cool looking metro

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