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    Jobless Rate at Apple


    Ran across this on the MSN page. The second link turned out to have nothing to do with the first.


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    Xbox LIVE update



    The next time you log in to Xbox LIVE, you’ll see a few new features. The first thing I tried out was the new Avatar Marketplace. You can buy branded items from games and fashion labels, but I’m not one for paying for virtual items, so I changed my glasses to look like my new pair, and moved on to the next feature.

    This is the one I’m most excited about: Games on Demand. This is where I’m hoping the console will end up going with all of their games. Ideally, there’d be no more worrying about fitting a game onto a single DVD, or scratched discs causing the game to fail an hour since your last save. Unfortunately, there weren’t any games in the store that I was interested in and don’t already own, but nonetheless, I’m paying attention.

    The last thing I am excited about in this latest update is the updates they did to the Netflix features. When Netflix was first added to Xbox LIVE, they discussed the ability to be able to watch movies along with a friend, but it hasn’t actually been possible until now. The other neat addition is the ability to edit your queue straight from the Xbox. Previously, I had to boot up my netbook to add a new movie, so this is a welcome addition.

    There are some other minor things like being able to rate games and some party invite stuff, but those are the ones I’m most interested in.

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