Windows Phone Resources

Windows Phone Resources


Windows Phone Getting Started -

Visit the Getting Started page to download the Windows Phone SDK, get more information on the Marketplace and how to monetize your apps and games, and explore the documentation and online communities.

Silverlight Toolkit -

The Silverlight Toolkit includes some controls like the DatePicker and WrapPanel that you can drop into your application just like the tools that are included in the SDK. You can download a sample app as a xap that can be deployed to your device or the emulator to try out the included tools and see if they’re right for you.

Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone -

Put the cloud on your phone with the Windows Azure Toolkit. While the power and storage on mobile devices continue to increase, one of the most important things you get is an internet connection. By taking advantage of Windows Azure, your application back end can scale and grow with the needs of your users.

Geo Augmented Reality Toolkit (GART) -

Updates to the Windows Phone in 7.5 have opened up Augmented Reality possibilities through the live camera stream and motion API. The Geo AR Toolkit makes it possible to create location enabled AR applications without having to know Linear Algebra and geospatial math.

WP7 Tombstone Helper -

If you want to quickly and easily persist your application state to isolated storage, the Tombstone Helper might be just what you need. With a couple of lines of code, you can save and restore state and make it easier to allow users to come back to your application in a state they expect.


Join the Marketplace -

Joining the Marketplace gives you the ability to submit your apps and games, as well as developer unlock up to three devices so you can test your project. Student developers registered through DreamSpark can join the Marketplace for free, and developer unlock one device. More information on DreamSpark below.


App Hub Forums -

If you have questions, the forums are a great place to find answers. Between the Microsoft employees and community members who frequent the forums, you’re sure to get pointed in the right direction. Of course, remember that you can learn more by teaching someone than by being taught, so helping out others on the forums is a great way to increase your skills.

Windows Phone Developer Blog -

The Windows Phone Developer Blog is a great place to find out about developer programs, contests, device news, and to get the latest on what’s happening in the Windows Phone world, from the developer’s perspective.


Windows Phone How-To Index -

If you want to do something on the Windows Phone and aren’t sure where to start, start here. Through the articles, you can pick up an understanding of any topic on the platform to jump start your own development.


BizSpark for Startups -

If you’re a startup and want to get some tools and support, BizSpark is made for you. Through the BizSpark program, you can get access to a suite of tools including an MSDN Premium subscription, access to Azure, production licenses, training, and more.

DreamSpark for Students -

If you’re a student, you can register for DreamSpark and get a free Marketplace account to begin testing and deploying your phone apps and games. In addition, you can download free tools like Visual Studio Professional and Expression Studio Ultimate, and get access to training from Pluralsight On-Demand.