Welcome to my (our) new home!  The folks in charge of MSDN are turning off http://blogs.gotdotnet.com/ and have asked us to move our blogs here.  I am no ASP.NET expert or of any coding really but I know a lot about our (Microsoft's) technology from servers to joysticks.  Please see my post at the bottom if you want some more background.

I haven't posted anything in a while do to a variety of reasons.  The first is there is only so much time in the day and I still haven't found the ideal tool to enable me to compose blogs offline and then post them automatically when my Tablet detects the 'net.  I tried Newsgator as a plug into Outlook because I live in that tool but it made Outlook too unstable (more than the baseline--see previous post).  I'm open to suggestions.  I'd like to use OneNote because then I've got a running diary of sorts but there's no web services feature in the product (that's a fairly amazing thing because everything else in the company is embracing big time) which would enable me to connect it up.

The second is I'm trying to be less caustic/jaded and it seems like everything I've wanted to post over the last month would have been less than positive and frankly, I need this job as sole supporter of my family.  To my knowledge we've never really censured anyone and I don't want to find out first hand if we do.

Third, I feel guilty not having anything to contribute to the development side of this blog site.  If I had my own server (I have a host) then I would feel a little different but I've always used gotdotnet.com and now the even more targeted asp.net.  If you want to have a chuckle then have a read.  If you want help with squiggly brackets then try Don Box's or one of the many other dev people who rule the roost.