A couple of days ago I tried to burn a CD of some photos I’d taken at my niece’s basketball game so she would have them and could share them with her coach and teammates.   The built in software in Windows XP normally makes that very easy to do but I got an error that said the disk couldn’t be written to and ask if I wanted to try another CD, save the files, or just delete them (they’re copied into a temp directory from another directory (Longhorn’s WinFS better fix this).  Nothing worked. It worked a month or so ago.  

I tried everything I could think of to fix the problem.  I tried to roll-back a month of updates (including a HighMAT update I’d taken to burn CDs use in newer home electronic players).  Nadda.  Napster and the other DRM music services give you a way of burning CDs with DRM-enabled music which I thought might have created a problem so I uninstalled all of them.  Nothing.  I uninstalled the driver of the CD ROM burner, rebooted and let it rediscover the burner.  Didn’t work. 

I want my PC to just work without having to start over (format, reinstall) every year.  That’s my simple wish for 2004.  WinXP had fulfilled that dream for a couple of years.  It just worked.  However, I updated the PC with Windows XP Media Center Edition and now it seems I’ve taken a step back.  Aaahhhhg.  

Longhorn?  Fingers crossed…