Why is it I never remember to post a complete blog until after I re-read my own post?  I do this a lot in emails as well.  Its embarrassing.  I’m hoping that we’ll add some other squiggly line color someday that’ll remind me that I’ve got unfinished thoughts, contradictions, and just general stupidity. <g> I’m so impressed by people like Rory whose blogs are incredibly funny and thought complete while not being really long (as opposed to me).  To paraphrase Mark Twain “I’d blog something shorter but I don’t have the time.”  

Anyway, I should have mentioned that the one other drawback to my high-end camera.  It’s really BIG.  When I brought it home and showed my wife she said “so you’re going to work for the Associated Press?”  That was before I bought the Multi-function Battery Pack which gives the camera phenomenal battery life (it holds two batteries and will take months of photos without needing recharging).  It also makes it super easy to shoot vertically because of an additional shutter release button.  However, it adds an inch on the bottom and on the right hand side (sort of like the 35MM SLR motor drives).  The extra inch on the bottom means the only way I can sit the camera down on its backside. 

Much to my surprise, my wife gave me for Christmas a very small digital camera that I’d been talking about for a while.  That’s not because of my displeasure with the “good one” but because there were times when I wouldn’t bring it with us because of the hassles.  The good one has its own bag—really it is a backpack—which meant it became one of my two carry-on bags when flying.  The bag was to protect it, carry the extra CF cards, battery charger, and although not really relevant a DV camera.  Since I can’t risk the airline forcing me to choose because between my Tablet and all of its computer accessories and my camera bag when the flight is full I often times left it home.  There’s also a new “rule” at some events that don’t allow “professional equipment” in the venue. This happened to me at our own Tablet PC launch in New York.  The security guard only let me take it in because I was with Microsoft but said he’d toss me out “if I brought it out.”  There’s a joke about Pee-Wee Herman right there but I let you drawn on your own sense of humor. <g> I took one photo at the very end of the launch—an empty stage (although the picture was very cool).  Everyone around me with “little” cameras was clicking away.  Bummer too.  Rob Lowe, Amy Tan, and Billg all had a part in the event.  We went to a Major League Soccer game because my daughter had attended a camp and they were doing a parade honoring them in addition to an actual game.  The security guy at the gate asked me how big the lens was—apparently they use size as a way to determine whether they let you in or not (another joke there but it’ll remain untouched).  I answered 35MM because I knew that wouldn’t meet the zoom lens test even though it actually is a 30-120MM lens.  The new camera is about two inches by 2.5 inches.  It’ll fit in the front pocket of a pair of khakis (if I didn’t also have a Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone Edition, keys, and business card holder).  My wife can put it in her purse without having to reinforce the shoulder strap.  It also 3.2 megapixels as if that mattered. <g>

Why not use the camera that comes with most cell phones?  The only phone I have with a camera is my HTC Smartphone (and it’s an add-on that pops on the bottom).  My build of the Smartphone OS doesn’t support the photo software that shipped with it.  Even if it did, it takes poor quality photos.  The other reasons that prevent it from being the solution today is the phone form factor is clunky for taking lots of photographs, the battery doesn’t need any thing else dragging on it.  I’ve yet to see the phone replace a dedicated device digital camera but it’s just a matter of time.  Do you currently have a phone/camera that you think could replace a better digital camera?