I was excited to learn that the new SPOT watches are now available.  From what I’ve read, the SPOT watches are the first iteration of a new technology that is sent to you personalized (assuming you’re in one of the United States’ 100 biggest cities (I'm in a Chicago suburb and I can get the service).  MSN is hosting the service under a new brand called MSN Direct.  Their web page and the functionality look very cool.  However, I think battery life is going to be the watches shortcoming. I have enough chargers I have to carry when I travel (fortunately USB powered ports have reduced the number somewhat).  I’m more excited about the SPOT infrastructure and information channels than I am about the initial form factor. 

I think the breakthrough for SPOT is when we start to see embedded SPOT-enabled devices.  The two I’ve seen mentioned are a refrigerator magnet and a clock radio.  The technology will be incredibly empowering as long as there’s an endless supply of power (no pun intended).  I see SPOT as a way of enabling the individual to have a similar experience to the displays you find in high rise elevators (usually where the ride can last a couple of minutes).  They are very colorful, contain a lot of different information “channels” and just enough information to be read quickly.  I’d love to have one in my bathroom when I’m getting ready in the morning (mounted to my mirror), in the kitchen, and finally in my car.  The scenario around the clock radio isn’t as interesting to me because I take a train to work so adjusting the alarm to based on traffic conditions wouldn’t be that big of deal for me.  The refrigerator magnet would be cool but even cooler (my puns continue without any effort <g>) is where the SPOT-enabled display panel is a part of the refrigerator.  I don’t want a magnet with a power lead.  

Will SPOT change your life?