I attended college at Indiana University in Bloomington.  While IU is known for many outstanding schools (e.g. School of Music, Business, …) most people know it as the school Bob Knight coached at and even more so for his questionable behavior.  The ironic thing about most people associating Bob Knight with the school is that he is really the third most dominating athletics coach at the school.  

The best coach at Indiana and quite possibly ever was James "Doc" Counsilman who coached IU to six NCAA swimming championships. Sadly, he died on January 3.  He coached the 1964 and 1976 Olympic teams and also was the oldest person to swim the English Channel, doing so at the age of 58.  He I’m not a swimmer but he is widely credited for revolutionizing the sport of swimming and The Science of Swimming is considered the bible for the sport.  Rest in peace Doc.  You deserve it. 

The second best coach was Jerry Yeagley who retired as the IU Men’s Soccer Coach at the end of this season.  Yeagley coached for 31 seasons, led Indiana to six national championships, and also was a huge influence on the rise of college soccer in the United States.  In one of the great sports stories of the year his team won the national championship in his final season and literally the last game he ever coached.

Bob Knight was also excellent having won almost every conceivable basketball award including three national championships, coaching the United States Olympic and Pan American teams to gold medals, Hall of Fame, etc.  He also made numerous “play” contributions such as motion offense but unfortunately, his madness often overshadowed the good things he did.  After failing to comply with some fairly stringent rules laid down by the then-President of the University he was fired.  He now coaches at Texas Tech.   

The thing that stands out to me is that there are many styles in which someone can coach people to excellence.  What is your style?