Thank you EVERYONE for your comments and assistance.  Not that it matters, but I did know that DOS v COMMAND were different apps. I guess I should have said "DOS-like commands." :-)

As far as my comment about wanting more descriptive help it would have made it easier to diagnose the issue if instead of indicating an "invalid parameter" (which of course is 100% accurate) it would have indicated "invalid parameters at C:\Documents" That would have given me a better indication of what parameter was causing the command to not function. 

I have used Robocopy before with good success.  I could have also used an app named RichCopy that someone in the company wrote but I really wanted to make XCOPY work (I can't let go sometimes even if it is easier). 

As someone tucked away from people who write code and plan the next rev of our products I am sometimes am often humbled by our own technology and feel the weight of what my non-technical friends and family go through when trying what you'd think are simple things.  I've tried to champion that because of enormously large hard drives hardly anyone buys a backup device anymore (although writable DVDs are pretty close). What I really would like to see is the backup program that comes with Windows be really nothing more than a very fancy copy utility.  Since there is no compression in copying files from one computer to another I would like to see the backup program not create a single indexed files.  Instead, I’d like for it to create copies on the target PC.  The user would simply select the folders and subfolders that he or she wanted copied to another PC while skipping those directories named TEMP and TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES.  There’s not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could code because there’s plenty of apps (e.g. RichCopy) around that wouldn’t take too much effort to extend.   

PS I’m sorry I selfishly used my blog as a helpdesk.  OTOH, I’ve never gotten such quick helpful comments.  Thanks again!