Kevin Ashley's Blog at Microsoft

Kevin Ashley's Blog at Microsoft

February, 2012

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About Kevin Ashley

Kevin Ashley is a Microsoft Architect Evangelist, an author
of Professional Windows 8 Programming book and a developer of top apps and
games for Windows. Kevin often presents on technology at various events,
industry shows and webcasts. In his role he works with startups and partners,
advising on software design, business and technology strategy, architecture and
development. Kevin has passion for sports and works with many sports industry
companies and organizations, helping them advancing technology. Prior to Microsoft Kevin
worked at Fortune 500 companies and created a business intelligence startup.
Kevin has degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science and MBA from the University
of Connecticut. 

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    Async CTP – Task based asynchronous programming for Windows Phone




    6 code samples for this post


    Asynchronous programming is super-interesting especially today, with responsiveness required by all modern devices. In the context of Windows Phone 7, Async CTP Version 3 was released last year, and it’s compatible with SDK 7.1, Silverlight 5 and Roslyn CTP. Our takeaways today is using async in the context of Windows Phone 7, understanding TAP (task based asynchronous programming). I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes: we’ll go beyond basics to exceptions, cancellations, progress, switching threads, combinators and even re-entrancy.

  • Kevin Ashley's Blog at Microsoft

    Top ski apps for Windows Phone season 2011-2012


    Check out WINTER SKI & RIDE! The best app not only for Windows Phone, it easily beats Android and iPhone apps!


    UPDATE: 2012-2013 Ski Apps Review – WINTER SKI & RIDE is the best app for Windows Phone skiing

    Microsoft Windows Phone blog about WINTER

    WPCentral about WINTER


    Skype Update: Do you know why Skype for Windows Phone is becoming an ultimate ski communication app? check my April post.


    P1050639_thumb1The ski season in North America is still waiting for the real snowfall, but despite the snow conditions many companies and developers decided to build apps for the new cool kid on the mountain, the Windows Phone. Skiers and snowboarders out there love gadgets, and having a Windows Phone immediately attracts attention on the chairlifts across America. “I’ve heard Microsoft and Nokia did an awesome job at CES this year!” – a rider with awesome polarized goggles tells me on the Glacier Express lift over magnificent Blackcomb mountain (he probably means Nokia Lumia CES award). "Yeah, I like those tile things” – another ski dude almost makes my IMG_1739-2_scr_thumbWindows Phone drop 100 ft into an unknown bowl covered with snow boulders left by avalanches. I manage to save my precious Windows Phone with a gorgeous 4.3” super AMOLED screen from a disaster, and our conversation continues in peace.

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