Kevin Ashley's Blog at Microsoft

Kevin Ashley's Blog at Microsoft

June, 2012

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About Kevin Ashley

Kevin Ashley is a Microsoft Architect Evangelist, an author
of Professional Windows 8 Programming book and a developer of top apps and
games for Windows. Kevin often presents on technology at various events,
industry shows and webcasts. In his role he works with startups and partners,
advising on software design, business and technology strategy, architecture and
development. Kevin has passion for sports and works with many sports industry
companies and organizations, helping them advancing technology. Prior to Microsoft Kevin
worked at Fortune 500 companies and created a business intelligence startup.
Kevin has degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science and MBA from the University
of Connecticut. 

  • Kevin Ashley's Blog at Microsoft

    Windows 8 Card Games


    Making popular games for Windows

    This post is about card games and casual Metro gaming experience, based on Card Games Chest for Windows 8. For those of you who played the Windows Phone version of my games, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover them in Windows 8 Release Preview. Thanks to Microsoft, I did lots of changes to take advantage of minimalistic and elegant Metro design language.


    Thinking about how many people will be playing these games, with half a billion or so registered Windows PCs in the world puts a very special responsibility on the quality of my games. I focused on the quality from the start, and I can proudly share some initial stats: even with Windows 8 being less than a week is in release preview, I’m getting thousands of downloads every day. Of these thousands downloads, I had extremely positive reviews that put my games on par with Cut’the’Rope blockbuster (if you sort by highest ranking, it’s now around #8).

    Best things in life are FREE, so Card Games Chest is FREE for your entertainment.

    Card Games Chest for Windows 8

    Card Games Chest for Windows Phone

    My goal is to help startups and developers building great popular products for Windows Phone and Windows 8, I hope to hear your success stories!


    Playing Cards on Windows 8


    When you start the Game Chest for Windows 8, notice how it opens with a beautiful graphics and smooth transition? I worked hard on this animation, making everything, including coffee stains on the cards Smile No worries, stains are decaf (and even built with vector graphics), but I hope you like the quality and notice that every little detail is taken care of. And yes, the design is made in sunny California. 



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