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October, 2012

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About Kevin Ashley

Kevin Ashley is a Microsoft Architect Evangelist, an author
of Professional Windows 8 Programming book and a developer of top apps and
games for Windows. Kevin often presents on technology at various events,
industry shows and webcasts. In his role he works with startups and partners,
advising on software design, business and technology strategy, architecture and
development. Kevin has passion for sports and works with many sports industry
companies and organizations, helping them advancing technology. Prior to Microsoft Kevin
worked at Fortune 500 companies and created a business intelligence startup.
Kevin has degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science and MBA from the University
of Connecticut. 

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    My Windows 8 app approaching 100,000 downloads



    Many people are interested in some early Windows 8 stats. I live in Silicon Valley, and here it’s as simple as: “show me the money”. So, this is the time when I show you the money. To me this nice hockey-stick chart looks like there’s a gold rush going on with Windows 8, don’t believe me? I only show you the stats in this posts, just pure facts.

    4 days before and after Windows 8 and Surface launch

    This is the stats from my Card Games Chest app for Windows 8 a few days before and after Windows 8 launch.  It’s clearly a hockey-stick pattern, the one that makes investors scream and jump on an opportunity to invest. This app enjoyed a decent 300-400 downloads per day before launch, but after Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface were launched I’m getting about 2000-3000 downloads per day, approaching 100,000 very quickly (up 15K to 65K in just a few days). I’m hoping for a million downloads by the end of this year, and I think this is reasonable.

    After I added in-app purchases and Microsoft ads, it pays very well for my lunch and my dinner and a little extra. monthly rent AND a little extra.

    I’m extremely happy about Windows 8, it’s a beautiful OS, very fast and fluid, well thought design and features you can’t find anywhere else.

    Why consumers love Windows 8: from 13 to 55+ year olds!

    I have very happy and very satisfied customers: in fact what impresses me the most, I actually have some early data to support that users from all age groups love it, based on the pattern of their purchases and downloads. I now have some very hard numbers that support the fact that users from all age groups love Windows 8! First, the download and purchase stats. As you can see, the app is downloaded by all age groups, including 13-21 and >55 years old. You see, only very satisfied customers buy the app, and they must love Windows 8 too, otherwise why would they buy it!


    The interesting detail: more people older than 55 yo purchase advanced features in my app, which means not only are they comfortable with Windows 8 UI, but also, they are willing to spend money for in-app purchase! I read many posts recently from “I’m a Mac” prospective, arguing that Windows user interface is confusing. Clearly they were wrong all along: this chart below shows that people older than 55 are not only satisfied with Windows Store apps user experience, they are actually willing to pay money for premium features.

    In-app purchases by age group


    I know many iOS and Android developers, and I encourage them to join the Windows gold rush!

    Monetizing Windows 8 apps

    Windows 8 apps can be monetized in a number of ways: buy per download, trials, advertisements or in-app purchase or even third party e-commerce engines. Windows Store allows you to take home more revenue than Apple Store. Unlike Apple Store, which at the time of this writing takes 30% of revenue, Windows Store has a tiered revenue sharing model: first 25K in sales you pay 30%, anything on top of that Windows Store only takes 20%.

    If your app makes $1mln in revenue, Windows Store allows you to take home almost $94,000 more than Apple Store! Just think about it: $94K remains in your pocket!

    You can read more about Windows Store monetization options at the official Windows Store site. Also, check out my Professional Windows 8 Programming Book that has a chapter and samples on Windows Store.


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    Webcast: Windows Store app submission tips

    We are presenting top tips to help developers get their app or game into the Windows Store all while providing them access to resources which will help them 1:1 through Windows Store submission and certification.  Are you working on your Windows...
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    Ready to make some money, Windows 8 is coming!


    This weekend I invite you to my session at Silicon Valley Code Camp.

    Announcing Windows 8 book

    We'll discuss Windows 8 Store, monetization and… a bit of surprise: I'll be announcing "Professional Windows 8 Programming" book, written in a team of authors: Nick Lecrenski, Doug Holland, Allen Sanders, Kevin Ashley. At this session will be focused on monetizing Windows 8 apps, I'll share some code examples, including: in-app purchasing, trial unlocking, placing ads in the apps and using trial model to support monetization. We'll also touch on more advanced topics, and as an author of several apps in the current Windows 8 store, I'll be happy to answer your questions.

    Windows 7 sold over 500 million copies in just three years, if Windows 8 does that well this is going to be one of the biggest opportunities our industry has ever seen. Come learn how to get your app into the Windows Store and how to make money. After all, you want to be the first app in the marketplace and have the early mover advantage, don't you?

    SESSION CODE EXAMPLES INCLUDE: Trial, in-app purchases, store simulation.


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