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  • Blog Post: Best ski apps 2012-2013 for Windows Phone–WINTER SKI & RIDE

    Last year I did a review of ski and snowboard apps for Windows Phone, but this season we have a star app, it’s better than anything iPhone or Android have by an order of magnitude, which makes Windows Phone a leader in snow sports industry. Don’t believe me? This app is endorsed by professional ski and...
  • Blog Post: Shockingly good video calls from Windows Phone

    I have to admit that I experienced a discovery and an emotional shock not dissimilar from those experienced by people who saw Morse or Marconi devices for the first time, and this is what my post is about. This weekend Skype for Windows Phone has been released to all Windows Phone users, and I happened...
  • Blog Post: Top ski apps for Windows Phone season 2011-2012

    Check out WINTER SKI & RIDE! The best app not only for Windows Phone, it easily beats Android and iPhone apps! UPDATE: 2012-2013 Ski Apps Review – WINTER SKI & RIDE is the best app for Windows Phone skiing Microsoft Windows Phone blog about WINTER WPCentral about WINTER   Update: Do you...
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