I recorded a screencast for Channel9 last week in which I walk you through a few of the code snippets we shipped for working with Office Open XML files using .NET 3.0.  I take you through three snippets:

1. How to find the officeDocument part, or "start part" -  This snippet is particularly useful.  The officeDocument part is related from the package and represents the start of the tree of parts (graph, really) that represents the Office document.  Once you've found this part, you can start working through the relationships and parts to find what you need.  This is the only snippet that works with all three file types (documents, workbooks and presentations).

2.  Document data redaction -  With this snippet I show you how to remove a VBA project part from a Word Document, and convert the document from a Macro-Enabled Word Document to a Macro-Free Word Document.

3.  Finally, I show how to insert a string value into a Workbook.  This is particularly handy as Open XML workbooks store the strings in a shared string table part, seperate from the individual sheets.

There are forty snippets altogether, and I'll spend some more time in this blog discussing them in depth. 

 UPDATE:  We got the screencast posted late today.  Sorry about the inconvience.  Doug was out when we noticed the bad link. His email had an OOF message pointing to another person, who had an OOF message that pointed to another person, who.....  By the time I got through all the cascading OOF's, Doug had arrived at his destination and updated the link.  Thanks Doug!