I'm one of those people who likes small, but difficult, projects.  Ever since I started tinkering with computers at the age of 7, I've always undertaken projects as a learning exercise.  Inevitably, the challenge would ebb and the motivation to complete the project would wane.  However, I'm always left with a greater set of knowledge than when I started the project.

Nothing proves this point more than the current eclectic list of things on my plate.  Mind you, each and every one of these are "extra cirricular activities:"

  • Word 2003 to RSS item conversion using WordML and XSLT for a richer offline blogging experience
  • Microsoft Message Queue and IBM MQSeries transports for WSE 2.0
  • A major overhaul of the Chicago Windows User Group (www.cwug.net) to use DotNetNuke so others can manage content on the site
  • A burning desire to ink-enable WinBlogX because I really like my TabletPC