I've been carrying a Windows Powered Smartphone for the past few months.  I've really come to like how the technology of the Smartphone is abling me to better connect with my customers and proivde a better customer experience with Microsoft.

I was sitting in stopped traffic (as opposed to stop and go traffic) coming home from Milwaukee on a Friday at 5:30PM a few weeks ago when my phone sync'd with my Exchange mailbox and notified me of the arrival of a new mail message.  The message was from one of my customers asking about different build strategies for use with Visual Studio .NET. As I have my phone configured to sync every 15 minutes, his message couldn't be more than a few minutes old. 

The Smartphone has a nice feature that highlights phone numbers contained within mail messages and provides you the option of dialing the highlighted number.  With the push of a button, his phone was ringing and I was able to catch him still at his desk.  Within 15 minutes of him requesting assistance late on a Friday afternoon, he had the information he was looking for.  I was able to provide a level of customer service enabled by my Smartphone that I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise.