I'd like to gauge interest beyond the customers I touch each and every day for the ability to do SOAP messaging over messaging oriented middleware.  Specifically, how many of you would use either Microsoft Message Queue or WebSphere MQ as a transport medium for SOAP messages if the capability existed?

As Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) become revitalized, there is more and more interest in the message bus approach to service orientation.  Many of the customers I currently interact with are using messaging oriented middleware today to a similar end.  The challenge with these implementations to date is the proprietary and one-off nature of the message format.  SOAP over messaging oriented middleware provides customers the opportunity to leverage their existing investment in the transport infrastructure while moving to a standardized messaging format, thereby greatly increasing the chances for interoperability between systems.

Furthermore, exposing business systems as SOAP-accessible services further detaches the actions performed by that service from the underlying transport, thereby enabling multiple access paths to the same business service and ultimately accommodating more client platforms, again greatly increasing the chances for interoperability between systems.