I'm currently running a 3.5E D&D game over on planetadnd.com called The Sunless Citadel. Yes, the geek in me lives.

Tonight, I decided to use InfoPath to recreate the 3.5E character sheet.  Overall, the experience has been pretty positive.

However, one of my players sent me her character sheet in Excel which did most (if not all!) of the calculations for you.  I'm toying with revisiting it but putting some XML behind it.

Oh, and I pulled PCGen, a Java-based d20 tool, into C# using JLCA.  Unfortunately, there's ~7,000+ errors (mostly in AWT) that need to be addressed.  If anyone knows of an AWT port to .NET, give me a holler.  I'd really like to see PCGen.NET kick the performance snot out of it's Java cousin.