When I watch a movie that I’m enjoying, I try to immerse myself in the film.  I don’t try to think ahead to the end and then watch everything through a lens as if I know what’s going to happen.  There’s a suspension of disbelief when I’m watching movies.  I’m being entertained.  Nothing drives me nuts more during this time then when my wife a) whispers to me what she believes is going to happen (and it’s scary how she’s usually right) and b) takes pause to analyze how something that just occurred in the movie just wouldn’t happen in real life.

I think this is why I prefer action and scifi flicks to dramas that reflect real life – they’re so unbelievable that I can detach from real life and be entertained.  I’ll never forget the time I did the sensitive guy thing and went with her to see Steel Magnolias.  I was the only guy in the theater a) awake and b) under 65.

However, every now and then, a drama film comes along that is truly monumental movie making and is worth the investment, even if it’s emotionally painful.  A couple of films that come to mind are Schindler’s List, Life is Beautiful.  Maybe it’s the war theme, but those are two movies that rank on the top of my drama list.  Not something to watch on any frequent basis, but still great movies nonetheless.