July, 2004

  • Kevin B Smith's WebLog

    Eldar's weblog...

    Here's another blog from the Biztalk product group that is well worth keeping an eye on, Eldar is a Program Manager for the Biztalk engine team, so I'm sure we'll be seeing some great blogs from him.
  • Kevin B Smith's WebLog

    Acknowledgments and Negative Acknowledgments (Part 1)

    The Biztalk engine has the notion of publishing system level (positive) Acknowledgments ( ACK’s ) which indicate a successful message transmission and Negative Acknowledgments ( NACK’s ) which indicate the suspension of a message; these are...
  • Kevin B Smith's WebLog

    Biztalk Core Engine Blogg...

    The Biztalk core engine team have a great blogg here , be sure to check it out, Lee has kicked it off with a great blogg on zombies . Back in the days of BTS2000 Lee and I shared an office, but after six months we had to move into our own offices, there...
  • Kevin B Smith's WebLog


    Ok, so who the heck is this Kevin B Smith chap? Well, until recently I spent the bulk of my Microsoft career in Redmond working for the Biztalk Server product group where I shipped the Biztalk Server 2000, 2002 and 2004 releases. I spent all of that time...
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