For those who don't have this yet, it looks like Joe is blogging:

Joe swears this isn't him, but I'm skeptical...

Among other things, the blog features lots of pictures of Joe.  I'm still waiting for my Joe Celko playing cards.  You should see Joe dressed up in his Joker outfit--downright devilish in an Anton LaVey kind of way.  One question:  Joe, where's the Santa Celko picture?  Joe Atlas?  How about Super Celko?  Post the photos when you can!

Coming soon to a toy store near you:  Action Figure Joe with Karate Chop ANSI action.  Pull the string and Action Figure Joe says, "You idiot!  Don't you know that stored procedures are for newbies?!"  Pull it again and he says, "Tempdb is for wussies!  Here, use this syntax no vendor has actually implemented."