December, 2007

  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    A SQL Profiler trace Swiss Army Knife

    Have you ever needed to find your most expensive queries and quickly grew weary of writing T-SQL against trace tables to try to ferret them out? Have you ever had to wade through gigabytes of trace data just to find one ill-behaving query? Have you ever...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    SQL Nexus is out!

    In case you missed it in my last post, SQL Nexus , the SQL Server performance analysis platform built by Bart and me, has been released via CodePlex . Here's a post post where I talked about how Nexus works. And here's the link to its page on the CodePlex...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    Last Week

    I was in Redmond last week on business and had a lot of fun this time around. The trip began and ended with a visit to Key Arena in downtown Seattle. Monday night it was the Van Halen concert. I’d already seen Van Halen in Kansas City back in October...
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