March, 2006

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    Yes we r miles away in the India Dev Center...

    ...but we share the fun.. From Left: Dinesh Bhat (Test Mgr), Neeti Kapur (test), yours truly :) (Program Mgr) ...drink merry.. from left: Gijo (test Lead), Ankur (Dev) - dont worry they werent like this while building the product :)) ...
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    Shipped !!...cant say more..

    Yes !! TFS has SHIPPPPEEDDD!!! My first ship experience in MS and in my entire career cause this is the first time I worked for a product company, my first ship it award which I can proudly display in my office soon......Vohoooooooooooooooooooooo!...
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    Strange coincidence - 2 yrs completion and I get a box !!

    Yesterday I completed exactly 2 years at MS :-)...and co-incidentally got the VS 2005 box as a souvenier which has almost everything in it including VSTS suite (the product that I worked for right from day 1 at MS and which I am seeing ship now !) - well...
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