Loneliness of the long-distance linguist.

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October, 2007

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About Loneliness of the long-distance linguist.

I am a Program Manager in the Windows International group. Check back often for Language Roadmap, Local Language Program, and Globalization Services updates, and various rants on all things linguistic. Occasionally I complain about the express line at the supermarket and rollerbladers who interfere with good, honest running.

  • Loneliness of the long-distance linguist.

    Shameless self-promotion.

    And now, some shameless advertising! Our team is looking for a good tester to work on our next set of projects. We have some pretty cool stuff in the works for the next generation of globalization support in Windows and .NET, including more comprehensive...
  • Loneliness of the long-distance linguist.

    Vosotros? Ustedes? Who, me?

    For various reasons I've been doing statistical analyses on word frequencies in a number of languages lately, and I found a pattern that differentiates different dialects of Spanish that struck me as curious enough that I asked Gerardo, my test lead from...
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