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  • Blog Post: Found in translation.

    Though languages can be interestingly different from one another, the majority of work in modern linguistics has been dedicated to showing that the differences are only cosmetic; at heart, all languages are expressively equivalent. I know this is true, because every time someone from [big name theoretical...
  • Blog Post: Lexical diffusion, software style.

    The Microsoft Community Glossary - Linguistic Partnership Project allows members of a speech community to work together to create and standardize technical vocabulary for their language. Community Glossaries can be an important step on the road to software localization for customers in regions that are...
  • Blog Post: Lights, camera, action!

    For everything you ever wanted to know about Windows globalization and localization, or at least for one or two things, you might like to check out this Channel 9 interview. It features Michael Kaplan , whose blog you may know; Jeff Allen, our director of localization services; Alp Turkmen, who is driving...
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