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  • Blog Post: Develop locally, think globally!

    So you want to develop a globalized application for Windows. You're up to speed on development best practices, you're going to be using Unicode, you know how to use Windows APIs and locale data to enhance the user experience you create. So how do you identify and support the right target market for launching...
  • Blog Post: Developing features in order to develop features.

    Someone asked me not too long ago for a list of Windows-supported languages that don't rely on white space for word breaking. I gave him a quick answer just because I happened to know, but then Yaniv Feinberg and I spent time trying to figure out a way that this guy might have used our APIs to derive...
  • Blog Post: What makes your computer feel like it's yours?

    A whole bunch of stuff comes together to make a user experience. This isn't just true in software, but rather in any industry that makes stuff. Most products that appeal to broad demographic groups have one of two qualities. One possibility is that the product comes in a few different flavors designed...
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