March, 2008

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About this blog

I’m a developer on the Base Class Libraries team, focusing on Resources, Collections, and IO. I started this blog so I can discuss these namespaces in gory detail without derailing the BCL team blog too much. Here’s what I expect to cover:

  • Suggested usage patterns with these classes, pitfalls to avoid
  • Obscure details to delight, entertain, and hopefully give insight into more fundamental issues, to help you use the framework libraries more effectively
  • It’s hard to discuss the above two without getting into features that would be nice to have in the BCL…
  • Performance!
  • General software design/quality brain dumps

  • Kim Hamilton

    VisualStudio 2008 install failing because of pre-release products

    I can get my work machines into pretty odd states due to various private/beta versions of Microsoft products I've installed. While trying to install VS 2008 on one of my machines, install kept failing, saying I had a pre-release product installed. Problem...
  • Kim Hamilton

    Difference between Disposing and Finalizing (referral)

    I've gotten some pings on the difference between Disposing and Finalizing, which I didn't discuss in my Dispose/Close post. Fortunately Brian Grunkemeyer has written an excellent blog on the topic:
  • Kim Hamilton

    The never-ending saga of Close/Dispose

    I made some quick updates in my recent post to describe the difference between Close and Dispose for SqlConnection: If you're wondering about...
  • Kim Hamilton

    The (often non-) difference between Close and Dispose

    Some classes in the .NET framework, such as System.IO.FileStream, have both a Close() and Dispose() method. The natural question is what's the difference, and when you should use one versus the other. The framework guidelines refer to Close and Dispose...
  • Kim Hamilton

    What's been happening with Long Paths?

    It appears that part 3 of the long path blog series on the BCL blog is now nearly a year overdue! This sounds hard to believe, but BCL really has been that busy . On the bright side, we've been working on exciting projects, such as Silverlight , and now...
  • Kim Hamilton

    Hashtable and Dictionary thread safety considerations

    Let’s start with the basics: System.Collections.Hashtable is multiple-reader, single-writer threadsafe. System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<K,V> has no thread safety guarantees. Consider a class that has a Dictionary member, and assume...
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