November, 2008

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About this blog

I’m a developer on the Base Class Libraries team, focusing on Resources, Collections, and IO. I started this blog so I can discuss these namespaces in gory detail without derailing the BCL team blog too much. Here’s what I expect to cover:

  • Suggested usage patterns with these classes, pitfalls to avoid
  • Obscure details to delight, entertain, and hopefully give insight into more fundamental issues, to help you use the framework libraries more effectively
  • It’s hard to discuss the above two without getting into features that would be nice to have in the BCL…
  • Performance!
  • General software design/quality brain dumps

  • Kim Hamilton

    Cleaning up after yourself (Dispose(void) doesn't get called for you)

    Despite my large and growing number of Dispose-related blogs, I really don't like writing about Dispose. Or rather, I don't like that Dispose is in such a confusing state that it requires so much reading material. :) But here we are again. I'd like to...
  • Kim Hamilton

    What does the NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute do?

    NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute marks the neutral culture for an assembly. That sounds self-referential, but a full description would require another blog post. To avoid getting bogged down, think of neutral culture roughly as the default language....
  • Kim Hamilton

    Making a StreamWriter usable even after given garbage characters

    I recently got a question from a customer using a StreamWriter with a UTF-8 encoding. The StreamWriter threw an EncoderFallbackException on an attempt to write “garbage” Unicode characters. For example, on an attempt to write U+DFC9, which is only half...
  • Kim Hamilton

    When to call Dispose

    A recent internal email thread unearthed extreme differences of opinion about when Dispose(void) should be called on an IDisposable. This led to a long discussion and a realization that -- while it seems like we’ve said everything there is to say about...
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