May, 2011

  • Kirill Osenkov



    Another announcement for geometry enthusiasts today. David Hartmann, an experienced math teacher and my active co-developer on the Live Geometry project, has released a professional geometry learning software: Tabula.

    Tabula is written in Silverlight 4 and is based on our Live Geometry engine, however it takes it way further in terms of features, usability and being a great professional product for students, teachers and hobbyists. Tabula introduces unique capabilities for interactive “paper folding”, taping, cutting and rearranging, as well as close-to-real-life tools like eraser, marker, compass, ruler, protractor, and so on. I encourage you to watch this short video that gives a great overview of Tabula’s possibilities:


    I’ll also allow myself to steal some of David’s thunder and post the links to screenshots here:

    Compass and Mark on Segment

    Ruler and Measure of a Side

    Protractor and Measured Angle

    Folded Square

    Sine Function

    Constructed Pentagon

    Magic Square


    Sierpinski's Triangle

    Custom Settings and Inspector Visible

    I’m very excited and enthusiastic about Tabula and I hope it will grow and develop. Dear readers, I’d like to ask you a personal favor at this time: if you like the project and would like to show your support, please help David spread the news! As always, let him or me know your opinion/questions/feedback. Thanks!

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