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November, 2007

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My name is Kirti Deshpande and I am a Program Manager in the Mobile Services division of Microsoft. I have previously worked in the .NET Development Platform division, more specifically on the AJAX Control Toolkit and Silverlight controls. Before that I was in the Office team working on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

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    Toolkit for .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008

    We have created a new Toolkit release 11119 that goes hand in hand with the official release from the Developer Division in Microsoft of the product code-named "Orcas" that packages a new version of Visual Studio and a new .NET Framework . We have introduced...
  • foo, bar and donkey

    Rich Text Editor is here

    I am super excited to announce that Kannan Sundararajan , my colleague at Microsoft, has written a Rich Text Editor control using ASP.NET and JavaScript and shared it under the MS-PL license on CodePlex. It has a very rich feature set and Kannan hopes...
  • foo, bar and donkey

    Custom Tabs

    Shawn , the grand Toolkit poobah and my manager, forwarded me a great post by Andrew Cushen that talks about some of the quirks that one runs into when styling Tabs in the Ajax Control Toolkit. We will look into the issue that requires the workarounds...
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