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May, 2008

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My name is Kirti Deshpande and I am a Program Manager in the Mobile Services division of Microsoft. I have previously worked in the .NET Development Platform division, more specifically on the AJAX Control Toolkit and Silverlight controls. Before that I was in the Office team working on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

  • foo, bar and donkey


    In my previous blog post I talked about how easily you could achieve a spinning/rotator functionality in Silverlight with existing controls. I promised that I would come back with a more reusable solution, so here it goes. A more organized attempt...
  • foo, bar and donkey

    Spinning out of control!

    What's going on? Well...I was wondering what control to explore this week. Currently I have my Sherlock hat on and trying to filter down the list of necessary controls using the Silverlight framework to meet the most common Rich Internet Application requirements...
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