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  • Blog Post: Microsoft Web Deployment Tool

    Microsoft has created the Microsoft Web Deployment Tool, which provides deployment and migration support for Internet Information Services versions 6.0 and 7.0. This tool incorporates many features that enable web server administrators to deploy, sync and migrate sites, including configuration, content...
  • Blog Post: Endless possibilities: Manage IIS 7 from your mobile phone?

    Imagine this. You are in the airport waiting on a flight and you remember that you needed to make a configuration change on your IIS 7 Website. You could whip ut your laptop but that means you have to boot it up and likely pay for wireless service. But what if you could simply whip out your Windows Mobile...
  • Blog Post: IIS 7 In Real Life

    The team posted some real world numbers on IIS 7.  They show how much IIS  has improved performance for over IIS 6 using the same hardware.   Check it out here at the Admin Blog .
  • Blog Post: URL Rewrite Module

    We have released our tech preview of the URLRewrite Module for IIS 7.  It is comparable to Mod_Rewrite for Apache.  One of the coolest features is the ability to import Mod_Rewrite rules from an Apache servers.
  • Blog Post: Steve Ballmer mentions hosting in Interview

    Hear Steve Ballmer discuss IT & the Heroes Happen Here launch
  • Blog Post: Noticed something pretty cool, well atleast to me

    I was installing the latest version of PHP from and noticed something pretty cool. The installer actually calls appcmd.exe to configure IIS and FastCGI. I thought was pretty cool.
  • Blog Post: IIS 7 Media Pack: Extending IIS How?

    I have really become interested in Rich Media Content distribution specifically around Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Media Server. Anyone who knows me however, knows that IIS is my first love. One of the most compelling features of IIS is the ability to extend its functionality. The IIS and Windows...
  • Blog Post: What about FTP 7

    Robert McMurray PM in charge of publishing for IIS (including WebDav, FTP, and Front Page) discusses the new features of FTP 7. Remember FTP 7 will not ship with Windows 2008 but will available as an out of band release.
  • Blog Post: Catch me speaking in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday

    I will be in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday presenting to hosters.  I will be presenting IIS 7 as well as on Silverlight and some of the new streaming media options in IIS.  If you don't think that Bit Rate Throttling and Playlist can be exciting think again.
  • Blog Post: I'm presenting at MIX '08

    I will be presenting at MIX this year along with my colleague Rob Cameron a Developer Evangelist.  The title of the session is bringing Developers and Hosters together with IIS 7.  The session takes a look at the constant battle between the System Administrator's and engineers who maintain the server...
  • Blog Post: Quick Demo: PHP on Windows

    Watch this really quick DEMO performed by Bill Staples Product Unit Manager for IIS. It demostrates a few things. First PHP running utilizing the standard CGI module in IIS 7, then PHP utilizing the FastCGI module, and finally PHP with FastCGI and output caching enabled. Checkout the...
  • Blog Post: Upcoming IIS 7 Webcast

    October is full of learning opportunities around IIS 7.0. Throughout the entire month we’ll be producing webcasts covering IIS 7.0 in its entirety starting with what’s new to troubleshooting and diagnostics. This is a great way to get ramped up and ready to deploy IIS 7.0 · What’s New in Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: ARE YOU READY FOR WINDOWS 2008 and IIS7

    If you're not here is your chance. We will be heading back on the road again beginning in September for our Windows 2008 Training Road Show. This roadshow will be lab based and will largely focus on IIS 7. So if you are looking to get your hands on Windows 2008 and IIS 7 and have expert instruction on...
  • Blog Post: 3 cool things from Microsoft Hosting Summit 2007 -- Day 1

    Here are three cool things that were mentioned at the Microsoft Hosting Summit. Some of the things here are things I knew about but until now have not been at liberty to discuss. 1) This morning a discussion on application virtualazation brought forth a demonstration on the SoftGrid/Softricity...
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