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  • Blog Post: Silverlight Mac

    I was captured during the SXSW Interactive Festival with my Macbook. Notice the Silverlight sticker.
  • Blog Post: More from SXSW: My Hotel is Haunted

    While at South By Southwest I found out that the hotel I was staying in was apparently haunted. I typically don't believe in this type of stuff but I definately had a few strange experiences even before I heard the ghost stories. I'd been traveling all day and was pretty hungry. I checked into the...
  • Blog Post: I learned a lesson lastnight: Free alchohol is very bad

    I'm in Austin at the South By Southwest Interactive Festival. By day I'm telling people about the Microsoft web stack and Silverlight. But anyone who knows anything about South by Southwest, they know that it is notorious for it's nightlife as well. Lastnight I attended two parties. The first was thrown...
  • Blog Post: Hosters I know where your customers are?

    In case you were wondering, hosters your customers are here in Austin, Texas at the South by Southwest Interactive, Film and Musical Festival.  Every wonder where the next Web 2.0 buzz is coming from? Want to reach film makers who are interested?  What about musicians who need a presence on the web?...
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