I made it into TechEd this afternoon without any hitches.  The weather was just starting to look up as we pulled out of Seattle, but no doubt pales in comparison to the sun and palm trees down here.  I always love seeing Mt. Rainer from up in the air, and this morning was no exception.  Definitely a different perspective on the Seattle skyline.

Walking the streets of San Diego, TechEd buzz is in the air.  There are banners on the street signposts, and about every fifth person walking on the street has a TechEd backpack.  Cool to see lots of devs out and about!

I picked up my pack and shirts at the registration desk, which didn't seem to be quite as long a line as others were talking about earlier.  When I got home and unpacked everything, I realized I was going to get a chance to develop my ironing skills, since the shirt was looking pretty wrinkled from sitting in the back for eons.  I suck at it :-)

Anyway, as I write I am sitting in the Dev cabana (it's labeled #5, right across from the communications network).  It's pretty dead here right now, no doubt folks are saving their questions for later in the week.  Drop by with your Deployment/Setup question.  If you have gripes about the Visual Studio or .NET Framework setups, I can also take those back to our team :)

Working on the setup team I get to interface with folks all over the Developer Division.  So if you have other questions on Visual Studio or the .NET Framework, drop by and I'll help get you connect with the right person.