July, 2006

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    Programming for Everyone

    I have been playing with an idea for several months now in my head. I want it to be easier for average people to program on their own. This is something that has been pursued in CS for a long time, and it is a bit of an impossible dream to many people...
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    Cool write up on Procedural Generation

    There is a cool write up on this at http://nintendo.about.com/library/procedural/blprocedural1.htm .kkrieger looks sweet! I hope there are some great things exposed as a platform for game developers soon so they don't have to keep re-inventing how...
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    The power of workflow visibility...

    I read an interesting article this morning: Microsoft Working Through Windows Vista Bugs TechWeb- July 10, 2006 A Windows developer and consultant who analyzed a database of reported Windows Vista bugs says Microsoft has been quickly addressing...
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