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  • Blog Post: Made it to TechEd

    I made it into TechEd this afternoon without any hitches. The weather was just starting to look up as we pulled out of Seattle, but no doubt pales in comparison to the sun and palm trees down here. I always love seeing Mt. Rainer from up in the air, and this morning was no exception. Definitely a different...
  • Blog Post: Installing the .NET Framework

    I wanted to make sure and blog this before I lost the link. I frequently get asked how to detect whether the .NET Framework is installed and chain it into a setup as a prequisite. The Setup.exe Bootstrapper Sample includes sample codes that shows exactly how to do this.
  • Blog Post: Cool deployment/setup blog

    Michael Dunn from the Windows Deployment team wrote a good post on building a solid setup. For those that didn't catch it, it can be found at: -Kevin
  • Blog Post: Deployment and dependencies

    One of the things I work with on my team is how customers deploy their applications when they depend on a redistributable such as the .NET Framework or J#. I am just starting to get my arms around this space, and have more questions than answers right now. Having worked on the Visual Studio setup quite...
  • Blog Post: Progress bars, does anyone trust them?

    Our team just finished doing usability research on Visual Studio's setup. These studies are always fascinating to me, because even the most seemingly simple interface can completely crash and burn when presented to someone who is not biased by the effort that went into designing it. One of the things...
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