July, 2006

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This blog is about Microsoft Knowledge Network, a valuable add-on to Office SharePoint Server 2007 that enhances enterprise search for people by automating the discovery of the business relationships and subject matter expertise of everyone in the network. Knowledge Network provides vital business insights that enable users to make better decisions more quickly. For more product information, go to http://www.microsoft.com/livesearch/kn.

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    New Knowledge Network Build Available! 1.0.0454.13

    Hello KN fans. We're happy to announce that we have released a new build of Knowledge Network software on BetaPlace that fixes a few problems that have been reported since our first Beta release. The issues fixed in this build include: An error...
  • Microsoft Knowledge Network Team Blog

    Knowledge Network vs. “Expert” Location Systems

    Today’s blog entry is again brought to you by me, John Hand. As the Senior Marketing Manager for Knowledge Network I regularly give formal presentations either in person or via another one of our great products, LiveMeeting. And one question that keeps...
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    The Value of Your Social Network

    KN and how you can enhance your career assets. Each of us possesses two fundamental assets that we bring to work each day; what we know or our expertise and who we know or our social capital. We get hired into a role based on what we know. These are the skills and capabilities that we either learned in school or through job experience. These are the things that we typically put on our resumes. However, we get promoted for the most part by getting things done, and getting things done is directly related to how we interact with others. Career tips, survivor style are included in this post. ...
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    KN Resources

    For those of you that are subscribers to Microsoft SharePoint Advisor , check out John Hand ’s latest Knowledge Management article entitled: Turn Search into Action with [you guessed it] Microsoft Knowledge Network. John wrote about KN from 3 perspectives...
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