August, 2006

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About Microsoft Knowledge Network Team Blog

This blog is about Microsoft Knowledge Network, a valuable add-on to Office SharePoint Server 2007 that enhances enterprise search for people by automating the discovery of the business relationships and subject matter expertise of everyone in the network. Knowledge Network provides vital business insights that enable users to make better decisions more quickly. For more product information, go to

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    KN Channel 9 Interview is Live

    Don Cambell of Channel 9 interviewed me (John Hand) and Glen Anderson about KN. We talk about “big brother” but more importantly I demo KN.
  • Microsoft Knowledge Network Team Blog

    How KN Integrates with SharePoint

    This week, Glen Anderson focuses on the server side of the KN solution, decribing how KN integrates with the people-related components of Office SharePoint Server 2007. He expands the topic to cover five ways that KN enriches and extends Office SharePoint Server 2007: 1) enriching and extending the My Site with inferred keywords, richer colleagues, and external contacts, 2) supercharging expertise search with inferred keywords, 3) finding connections to internal people, 4) finding connections to external people and organizations, and 5) enabling members to moderate the usage of their profile information through the anonymous brokering....
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    Inside the KN Client Analysis Process

    Glen Anderson, the Group Program Manager for the KN team, describes the sources of information that KN client analysis looks at in order to create the best possible profile recommendations for you including the fields in the headers of your actual email interactions with others, Active Directory and SharePoint 2007. Glen also talks about KN keyword generation algorithms, Outlook rules and more....
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    KN and Desktop Search

    Glen Anderson, Group Program Manager for the KN team describes KN and Desktop Search, how in KN V1 there is no dependency between the KN analysis engine and the Windows Desktop Search indexing engine. Then he describes how, although KN and Windows Desktop Search seem very similar on the surface, the requirements are quite different. Glen presents how the KN analysis process consists of four distinct steps from a logical perspective. He also describes the differences between the performance characteristics of KN analysis and Desktop Search, and mentions improvements in the performance of the KN analysis process....
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