September, 2006

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This blog is about Microsoft Knowledge Network, a valuable add-on to Office SharePoint Server 2007 that enhances enterprise search for people by automating the discovery of the business relationships and subject matter expertise of everyone in the network. Knowledge Network provides vital business insights that enable users to make better decisions more quickly. For more product information, go to

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    Knowledge Network Technical Refresh Now Available on Betplace

    We are pleased to announce the availability of the Knowledge Network (KN) Technical Refresh for those organizations that already have access to the Microsoft Betaplace site. The software, as well as related documentation, is available for download from Microsoft Betaplace. Once you get to the main page on Microsoft Betaplace, you can follow the link for Knowledge Network that can be found by following the “Other Files” link under the “Beta Downloads” node in left navigation bar. From there you can follow the instructions to download the actual files for the software and associated documentation. This latest release comes with a number of new enhancements and features. This blog entry contains a quick rundown of the key areas that been enhanced in this release. ...
  • Microsoft Knowledge Network Team Blog

    Getting Ready for KN Technical Refresh

    For those of you whom already have access to SharePoint 2007 Beta 2 on the Microsoft Betaplace site (and therefore also have access to KN) here are some deployment considerations for the upcoming KN TR: As you get ready to deploy the Knowledge Network...
  • Microsoft Knowledge Network Team Blog

    The Network Effect of MOSS plus KN

    To address the the challenges of a network-effect product like KN, MOSS+KN offer a great deal of value to enable expertise location and people search scenarios automatically. Without a single user uploading a KN profile or manually touching their My Sites, MOSS already contains a very rich set of data about people from mining the Active Directory including employee titles, departments, and Distribution List memberships and determining who knows who by mining the organizational hierarchy. ...
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    KN Evaluation Guest Blog

    The KN team has been gathering feedback from KN customers who are evaluating the KN beta within and outside Microsoft. We asked one of the many insightful evaluators, Patrick, a Software Development Engineer in the Windows Server Division at Microsoft (who we did not know before he joined the beta) to write a guest blog entry. Patrick shares some of the good, the bad and the ugly from his KN evaluation experience....
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