Hello KN fans, this is a bit of a mea culpa, in our enthusiasm for having an RC0 build we rushed to put it up on our download site and unfortunately it caused some difficulty for people downloading this awesome technology.  Well here’s the good news, not only is it fixed, but you can now tell all of your friends to go and get it.  It’s free, and you can now get access to the download page WITHOUT, yes that right WITHOUT needing to request a password.  We created a page that explains the system requirements and the fact that KN is NOT supported by Microsoft.  Once you click yes to “I Accept” on that page you will be directed to the download site where you can download both the client and server software.  Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are in the same package.  Make sure that you install the version that is right for your environment.  So please accept my sincerest apology for any confusion or inconvenience that this delay has caused and enjoy using KN.  Check it out at https://connect.microsoft.com/knbeta